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Comprehensive Employment and Tax Guide Italy

General Overview

- Currency: Euro (EUR)
- Languages: Daily and business communication in Italian.
- Public Holidays: Total of 12 days national public holidays.
- Capital: Rome
- Fiscal Year: Running from Jan 1 to Dec 31.
- Minimum Hourly Wage: Not established, varies by collective agreements.

Tax Essentials

- Income Tax Range: From 23% to 43%.
- Other Taxes: VAT 22%, Corporate tax 24%.

Social Security Contributions

- Employer Charges: From Approx. 30%.
- Employee Charges: From Approx. 10%.

Employment Contracts & Conditions

- Contract Types: Permanent, Fixed-term.
- Trial Periods: Up to 6 months.
- Paid Holiday: 20 days annually.
- Salary Payment Frequencies: Monthly.
- Termination Notice: Notice period varies, typically 20-30 days.

Legal Benefits for Employees

- Medical Coverage: State (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale covers basic.
- Common Non-Compulsory Benefits: Meal vouchers, health insurance, pension plans.

Hiring Non-Resident/Non-European Workers

- Visa & Work Permits Obligation: Yes, for non-EU/EEA citizens.
- High-Skilled Worker Permits: EU Blue Card; requires a recognized university degree and a job offer with a salary at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary.
- Visa & Work Permits Timelines: Up to 3 months.

The information provided on these countries serves as a general guideline and may
require verification and updates from legal sources or official websites.