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Employer of Record : Your smooth, efficient employment management.
Understanding the Role of an Employer of Record (EoR)

An Employer of Record (EoR) company is pivotal in advising clients on outsourced employment solutions. It acts as the legal employer of staff internationally. EOM assumes all legal and regulatory responsibilities, including those related to immigration, employment, payroll, and compliance, to ensure a smooth EoR contract process. While EOM handles the administrative side, clients retain control over remuneration, roles, and employment-related decisions.

Key Services Included in an EoR Solution

- Analysis and Advice: Tailored employment solution selection.
- Employer of Record Service: Comprehensive management of employment contracts.
- Professional Immigration Service (PIS): Complete support for visa applications, work permits, and residence permits.

Who Benefits from an EoR Solution?

EoR solutions serve both local residents and expatriates, ensuring full compliance with host country laws and mitigating legal and tax violation risks.

When to Consider an EoR Solution

EoR solutions are ideal for companies lacking a legal presence in a new country, facilitating remote payroll management and simplifying the hiring process in regions with complex employment legislation.

EoR as a Strategy for European Expansion

EoR has become increasingly vital for companies pursuing international outsourcing and remote work, helping navigate the evolving landscape of immigration and employment laws.

Duration and Employee Requirements for EoR Services

EOM offers flexible EoR solutions with a minimum commitment of three months, with services available for even a single employee.

Immigration Management within Our EoR Services
Does our EOR include managing immigration procedures?

Yes, as part of our Employment Outsourcing Management (EOR), EOM expertly manages all immigration-related documentation for employees, ensuring seamless integration into our system.

Can Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) sponsor work permits?

Absolutely, Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) is proficient in sponsoring work permits, with capabilities spanning over 150 countries globally.

Does Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) arrange work permits for employees of other companies?

Yes, as part of our EOR services, EOM acts as the employer of record, overseeing contract and payroll management in the employee's host country to streamline work permit processes.

How does Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) handle business visas in its EOR services?

Our policy minimizes reliance on short-term business visas, focusing instead on securing valid work permits for all employees. This strategy is designed to avoid complications with local authorities due to frequent business visa usage.

Local Contract Management within Our EoR Services
Does Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) act as the employer in the host country?

Yes, through our established local entities, EOM acts as the official employer in the host country, ensuring full compliance with local employment standards.

Are local employment contracts used for employees under Employment Outsourcing Management EOR services?

Local employment contracts are essential to complying the host country's employment and labour laws, which we tailor to conform to local regulations.

What about employee insurance coverage?

Employees are automatically enrolled in the host country's mandatory national insurance schemes, with additional private insurance options available.

Can we offer additional insurance benefits?

Certainly, we assist in providing a wide range of optional or private insurance plans for employees.

What is our role in daily staff management?

While we legally employ the staff, our role is confined to that of the employer of record. The client retains the responsibility for daily management tasks.

Are we responsible for ensuring employee compliance in the host country?

Post-employment contract signing, we assume responsibility for compliance with immigration, tax, and labour laws, keeping clients updated on legal requirements.

How do we handle leave requests and employee inquiries?

Clients manage and approve leave requests and other employee inquiries, which are then communicated to us for accurate payroll processing.

Do we update clients on changes in employment laws?

We actively inform our clients about any legislative changes affecting employees in the host country.

Administration Handling within Our EoR Services
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Facilitating Remote Team Integration Across Europe

  • Situation: A software development company based in Sweden adopted a remote-first approach and hired talent across Europe to build a diverse and skilled team.
  • Challenge: Managing a remote team scattered across various European countries presented challenges in ensuring consistent HR practices, legal compliance, and fostering a unified company culture.
  • Our Solution: Our EoR solution enabled the company to manage their remote workforce efficiently under a single framework. We ensured compliance with each country's employment laws, streamlined payroll and benefits, and supported the development of a cohesive remote work culture.
  • Advantages: Compared to managing multiple contracts and legal requirements independently, our EoR services provided the company with a hassle-free solution to remote team management. This allowed them to leverage the benefits of a diverse European team while maintaining operational efficiency and a strong, integrated company culture.
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Seamless Expansion from Italy to the Netherlands

  • Situation: An Italian gourmet food distributor aimed to extend its market reach by opening a branch in the Netherlands to cater to the growing demand for authentic Italian cuisine.
  • Challenge: The company was unfamiliar with Dutch employment laws and had difficulty hiring local staff to manage operations and sales.
  • Our Solution: The company quickly hired local talent in the Netherlands by using our EoR services. We managed all employment responsibilities, from compliance with Dutch labour laws to payroll and benefits administration.
  • Advantages: By partnering with us, the company bypassed the complexities of establishing a legal entity in the Netherlands and expedited their market entry. This approach not only saved significant time and resources but also allowed the company to focus on scaling their business and strengthening their brand presence in a new market.
How does Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) handle billing?

We bill monthly based on the client's purchase order and issue invoices in Euros, USD, or Pounds Sterling.

Does Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) provide payslips to employees under EOM?

Yes, we issue payslips that comply with the legal requirements of the employee's host country.

Is it possible to determine salaries in a foreign currency?

Salaries are generally paid in the local currency of the host country, though arrangements can be made for payment in the employee's preferred currency.

Can the salary payment cycle be adjusted?

We are flexible in accommodating salary payments outside the regular payroll cycle, subject to the legal constraints of the host country.

Is it feasible for Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) to pay salaries in a different country?

Yes, we can disburse salaries in a foreign country, provided it aligns with the labour laws of the host country.

How are taxes and social security contributions handled?

EOM manages all employer and employee taxes and social security contributions according to the host country's regulations.

What is the process for business expense reimbursements?

We assess expenses for taxability based on the host country's tax laws and reimburse non-taxable expenses net of taxes or charges.

Can clients directly handle business expense reimbursements?

While we advise managing expense reimbursements through our EOM, clients may opt to handle this directly in some countries.