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Facilitating Remote Team Integration Across Europe

  • Situation: A software development company based in Sweden adopted a remote-first approach and hired talent across Europe to build a diverse and skilled team.
  • Challenge: Managing a remote team scattered across various European countries presented challenges in ensuring consistent HR practices, legal compliance, and fostering a unified company culture.
  • Our Solution: Our EoR solution enabled the company to manage their remote workforce efficiently under a single framework. We ensured compliance with each country's employment laws, streamlined payroll and benefits, and supported the development of a cohesive remote work culture.
  • Advantages: Compared to managing multiple contracts and legal requirements independently, our EoR services provided the company with a hassle-free solution to remote team management. This allowed them to leverage the benefits of a diverse European team while maintaining operational efficiency and a strong, integrated company culture.
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Seamless Expansion from Italy to the Netherlands

  • Situation: An Italian gourmet food distributor aimed to extend its market reach by opening a branch in the Netherlands to cater to the growing demand for authentic Italian cuisine.
  • Challenge: The company was unfamiliar with Dutch employment laws and had difficulty hiring local staff to manage operations and sales.
  • Our Solution: The company quickly hired local talent in the Netherlands by using our EoR services. We managed all employment responsibilities, from compliance with Dutch labour laws to payroll and benefits administration.
  • Advantages: By partnering with us, the company bypassed the complexities of establishing a legal entity in the Netherlands and expedited their market entry. This approach not only saved significant time and resources but also allowed the company to focus on scaling their business and strengthening their brand presence in a new market.